Passion for building custom surfboards


Q) Sean, How did you start SJ Surfboards?

A) It all started in high school when I was interested in building and creating things with tools and my hands. I built my first surfboard when I was 15. I immediately fell in love with building surfboards and immersed myself in the surfboard building process. I started SJ Surfboards in my backyard and a few years later moved into a fully operating factory in Escondido, CA. I currently build my boards in a shop in Oceanside, CA. 

Q) As a shaper, what is the most important part of building boards?  

A) Personally, I believe 100% quality is everything. From the template, to feeling the rails, and the overall cosmetic finish of the board. I pride my self in giving a customer a 100% hand shaped, custom board that was finely tuned to their liking. If a board isn't exactly what a customer wants then I make them a new one.


Q) Do you specialize in a certain type of surfboard?

A) My most popular model is the halibut. This board is the most versatile board available. It is basically a high performance fish that allows the surfer to get the best of both worlds. The halibut has the flotation of a traditional fish and many elements of a high performance short board. By far, a perfect board for any southern California day,

  Q) Do you allow customers to watch you make their surfboard?

A) Yes! All interested customers are encouraged to watch as their custom board is built. We believe its important to have the customer involved, engaged, and educated on how surfboards are made. This way it gives the customer more knowledge about what really goes into the process and gives them a unique experience. 

SJ Shaping